Agustin Henze Resume


Contact Information

  • South America/Argentina/Córdoba - X5008IZU - Arquimedes 3557
  • Telephone: +54 9 351 7722996
  • Skype: agustinhenze
  • E-mail and IM:
  • Date of birth: May 13th, 1985


I'm a mature professional with more than 10 years on embedded software development. I love accepting challenges, researching and learning are my passions. I have a Degree in Electronic Engineering, with the thesis of Building an Autonomous Quadcopter using Open Architecture.

I'm a Debian Developer and Open Source lover. Leading USLA (Opensource/Libre Users of Argentina) hardware and software infrastructure for more than 7 years. USLA is a non-profit organization that brings free --both in beer and freedom--, infrastructure all over the country for around 300 LUGs, FLOSS projects, non-profit organizations, and individuals among others. In such a role, I acquired an amazing understanding of the open source community and its environment.

Professional Experience

Technical lead at Satellogic [2017-present]

After a year and a half leading the SatSoft team, I have been promoted as a technical leader. I've been in this new role for 1 month, so I do not have too much information to share. But it is a great change for me, because I want to participate in technical decisions, take care of the current architecture and of course the future architecture. I really like to have technical challenges and I love being actively writing software.

Head of "SatSoft" at Satellogic [2016-2017]

SatSoft is the name that was chosen for the team in charge of the software that runs inside the satellites. It includes bare metal embedded systems and linux embedded.

After building two generation of satellites, write thousands lines of code and have had a lot of fun, I was promoted to a new position. The good thing here is that my promotion was "natural", so my co-workers took this very well. This lets me easily implement radical ideas on how to change software architecture to evolve into many satellites (the Satellogic's plan is to have 300 satellites orbiting the earth in the year 2020). This led me to go deeper in some topics like software architecture, team management, interaction across teams, among others.

However, I love writing software so I've built 4 teams and I made them work as a cell, they can choose their programming language, their schedule, their roadmap, their own way of maintaining a good code quality just defining an interface to interact between them. Also they push code across projects giving the chance to see the big picture and keep they motivated to have a better architecture. I am very proud to have taken this decision because now I can write software again and have fun with a "minimum management fee".

Satellite Embedded Software Engineer at Satellogic [2014-2016]

Great things happened here! We made impossible things here with no time at all. I remember being working for 36 hours straight because we were late for the launch. I have written thousands of line of code in Python, C, C++ and bash scripting and I am really proud of that is flying around the earth :).

Some technologies used:

  • Python, C, C++, Docker, gitlab and gci.
  • Overo + bootstrap + Debian GNU/Linux rootfs + systemd
  • TMS570 + GNU toolchain + bootstrap + low level things + many many boards and drivers
  • CoAP + CSP for communication between nodes that compose the satellite.
  • Cameras + image processing + control + cooking
  • Software to operate and communicate with a bunch of satellites from multiple ground stations (Python, C, ZeroMQ)
  • Talk with me if you want to know details :)

Technical Lead at TVD Consortium [2013-2014]

My responsability is to lead, coordinate, manage and monitor the development teams in order to achieve the proposed goals.

Some technologies used:

Outsourced Software Engineer at INVAP [2013-2014]

Great challenges happened here, technically the project involves big challenges, you can see more details here. But it was my first experience in a project that needs to meet all requirements to be ISO certified.


I'm a specialist in the C, C++ and Python programming languages. Please look at my skills below.

  • Programming Languages daily used
    • C
    • ARM Assembly
    • C++
    • Python
    • Bash scripting
  • Embedded Systems
    • Development on the FreeRTOS platform.
    • Strong knowledge about linux booting process.
    • Strong knowledge about Real Time Operating Systems.
    • Development of Linux char drivers
    • Development on the muC/OS-II platform.
  • Software Development
    • OOD.
    • TDD.
    • Agile methodologies (Scrum, Kanban).
    • Design patterns.
    • Profiling, Coverage and Optimisation (google-perftools, gprof, valgrind, kcachegrind, latencytop, perf Linux, lcov, between others).
    • GDB debugging and core dump analysis.
    • Parallel programming (SIMD/MIMD, TBB, OpenMP, etc).
  • Build systems
    • In love with CMake.
    • Makefile from scratch.
    • Debian Packaging using CPack (part of CMake Project).
    • Autoconf and Automake.
    • Strong knowledge about cross compiling
  • Version control systems
    • Git
    • Mercurial
    • Bazaar
    • SVN
  • Documentation languages
    • LaTeX
    • ReST
    • MarkDown
    • Textile
  • Some frameworks used
    • PyQt4
    • PyGtk
    • Qt4 (C++)
    • Django
    • web2py
    • JQuery
    • PhoneGAP
    • JQueryMobile
    • Bootstrap
  • Database Engines
    • PostgreSQL
    • MySQL
    • Sqlite
    • Redis
    • Tokyo Cabinet
  • Programming Languages in older Projects used
    • HTML/CSS/Javascript
    • lua
    • x86 Assembly
    • VHDL
    • Verilog
  • Programming Languages sometimes used
    • Java
    • Ada
    • erlang
    • PHP
    • perl

Soft Skills

  • Teamwork
  • Good communication
  • Leadership
  • Self-motivation
  • Problem solving
  • Ability to work under pressure